Our Mission

We aim to provide an inclusive community for underrepresented minorities at all levels of scientific involvement. We aim to make Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math more accessible, enable marginalized researchers to voice their experiences in academia, promote networking, and highlight current science news for the public.

Our Vision

As scientists of color, we realize how important it is to have role models.  We also know first-hand how difficult it is to navigate a space where you are rare and/or undervalued.  In response, we wanted to create a platform where we advocated for and discussed issues pertaining to underrepresented minorities in science. 

Our Goals



Increasing the output of long form content (articles, blogs, etc.) written and edited by scientist or scientist-adjacent people of color which will result in increased representation for these groups.



Convert online work and passion into real-life outreach by developing and hosting science-based events geared towards educating, celebrating, and assisting underrepresented communities.



Centering the voices of scientists who traditionally have been unable to engage in the greater conversation in the scientific community.  This involves shining a spotlight on topics, issues, and concerns unique to underrepresented communities.



Provide a social platform for those who are interested in science or currently work in the field to not only discover the sciences but to engage with like-minded individuals in the scientific community.

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