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Portrait of a Grad School Mom

Co-founder, Veronica Varela, shares her feelings and experiences as a mom in graduate school down for all to read.


Talk to my Face, Not to my Breasts: The Experience of Women in STEM

“As a woman of color, sexual harassment has added a devastating layer of insecurity to feelings I already struggle with coming into this field.” s a female scientist in a male-dominated field, I often have difficulty navigating my way through the mire of communication with male faculty. As a woman of color, entering into the predominately white […]

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Portrait of a Grad School Mom: Discovering and Nurturing Your Passion in Grad School

When I entered grad school, I had a clear vision of who I was going to be. I was going to learn as much as I could. I was going to do great research and answer scientific questions. I loved science, I loved being at the bench and I was determined to be as amazing […]



Confessions of an indecisive grad student

Nadia Perez shares her struggles a grad student who is unsure if this is the right path.



My ambivalence to earning a doctorate: Mental Health; Anxiety, Depression and PTSD

I mentioned my urge to receive an education was mostly fueled by escaping my household; well something I didn’t realize is once I escaped, how damaged I would be experiencing healthy relationships and interactions with others. Arriving at grad school, I thought, “Yay! I can focus on grad school.” That’s not what happened. All my […]


My ambivalence to earning a doctorate: Goals, Motivation, and Survival.

My biggest motivator for getting an education was to escape my household. Let me hit rewind so I can offer some background. When I was younger my dad mentally, verbally and physically abused my mom, my siblings and myself and just to spice things up he is a narcissist (I’m going to get so many […]

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