Science in Color Podcast Ep 08 – Spotlight on Jonte Jones: The Danger of Lack of Accountability in Academia

Grad school isn’t easy, so why do we do it? People do it for many different reasons. There are some who do it because they’ve always loved science, since the very beginning.  Since they were young, they have enjoyed asking questions about the world around them and finding the answers. Others stumbled onto it a little later in life and found that research and working in a lab gave them a sense of independence and empowerment that they have never experienced before. No matter the reason why, everyone has one thing in common, the path to grad school is terrible, and once you finally get in, you feel a sense a sense of accomplishment. You start grad school ready to learn, ready to start this new adventure,   expecting to be taken under the wing of a mentor to be trained to become a great scientist. But what happens when your mentor hates you from the very beginning? What happens when that training isn’t absent, and instead you are pushed and pulled in different directions, and every misstep is under scrutiny? Today’s episode is a special one featuring Science in Color co-founder Jonte Jones sharing his story about his journey to grad school at the University of Michigan and what happened when he encountered a brick wall in the way of his success, his mentor. 

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